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Cancer Patient Brutally Beaten In Louisiana Road Rage Incident

Prairieville, LA – A Stage 4 cancer patient was brutally beaten in an apparent road rage incident on Sunday night in Ascension Parish after he stopped to exchange information after his vehicle clipped another driver’s side mirror.

Family members said 59-year-old Scott Gray was scheduled to leave for Houston for cancer treatment on Monday morning, but when he got a call from a distressed customer on Oct. 16, he left his home to go help, WAFB reported.

“He literally went out to do a call to put freon in somebody’s air conditioner, just so they could sleep cool for the night and was five minutes from home,” his daughter explained.

Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre said Gray was driving down a narrow road, headed home, at about 8 p.m. when his side mirror clipped the mirror of an oncoming vehicle, WAFB reported.

Sheriff Webre said Gray pulled over to exchange information with the other driver and things went terribly sideways.

“Our victim is the one that stopped, hoping that the other guy would turn back around and come back and stop, and they could share information or make a police report,” the sheriff explained.

“That’s what he thought was going to happen. But when the suspect got there, it was anything but that. It was very cruel, very rude and maybe it’s your fault, and you’re going to pay for the damage to my vehicle,” he continued.

“As far as we know, he just remembers getting get hit once and then it was lights out after that. He doesn’t remember anything,” family members told WAFB.

Deputies said the other driver brutally beat Gray and left him unconscious on the side of the road.

The victim told detectives the man who attacked him was black but had no other details because he was knocked out so quickly, WAFB reported.

Sheriff Webre said two witnesses came forward with information about the suspect’s vehicle and deputies are investigating.

He said detectives are searching for an early 2000 model black Ford truck with blue or purple neon undercarriage lights, WAFB reported.

Detectives said the side mirror may also be damaged.

“The guy left him there and he was unconscious when they found him. A monster would do something like this. Someone that doesn’t have God in their heart would do something like this,” family members told WAFB.

“Insurance would’ve paid for another mirror,” they said. “There was no need to get violent and crazy.”

Gray, who is battling Stage 4 Melanoma and has one leg because of a motorcycle accident, was transported to the hospital with multiple injuries, WAFB reported.

He has three facial fractures, an eye laceration that has severed his tear duct, and numerous bruises from the attack.

His family is angry because the senseless attack has delayed him receiving cancer treatment at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, WAFB reported.

“That’s a lot of time of recovery. That’s more time robbed from my dad, from us,” his daughter said. “He’s battling cancer, he doesn’t have long with us, and he just robbed more time from all of us.”

Sheriff Webre said detectives would hunt down Gray’s attacker, WAFB reported.

“It’s certainly mean-spirited. It’s certainly not how we want to see people act in our community. It’s uncivil that’s for sure,” the sheriff said.

He said the driver who brutalized Gray could face a second-degree battery charge for the vicious beatdown on the side of the road, WAFB reported.

“It should not be tolerated anywhere,” Sheriff Webre said.

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Sandy Malone

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Written by Sandy Malone


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