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Californian’s Propose “Calexit,” Secession From USA

A California group is trying to get Calexit on the ballot to secede from the USA. (Not actually the newly proposed border) California To Vote On Calexit Secession


Californians submitted paperwork to the Secretary of State’s office on Thursday for a ballot measure that would allow the State of California to secede from the United States.

LA Times reports that California Secretary of State Alex Padilla gave the go ahead to the group to begin collecting their signatures to get Calexit on the ballot.

If they vote to secede, it would be the first time since the Civil War era that a state has tried secession. Texas has threatened it before, but has been all talk.

Prompting the Calexit proposal is President Donald Trump’s entrance to the White House and his immigration enforcement plan. While the State could just ignore the federal government, the feds would still be able to operate in the State of California. Furthermore, proponents of this idea say that California’s budget would be massively improved if their citizens paid money to the state rather than the federal government. They claim that part of the reason for the state’s budget woes is because the state pays too much to the federal government.

Chances seem slim that any state would ever actually try to leave the union, and the chances remain slim for California specifically. Over 31% of California voters voted for President Trump, and a significant number of Clinton voters are bound to see that the Calexit idea is a bad one.

If the Yes California Independence Campaign is able to collect 600,000 signatures, then it will make it on the ballot. The initial vote would approve removing the part of the State’s Constitution that says that California is an inseparable part of the United States, and that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. A follow-up vote in 2019 would vote to make California it’s own country.

Marcus Ruiz Evans, one of the founders of the Calexit idea thinks the idea has a good chance, “America already hates California, and America votes on emotions. I think we’d have the votes today if we held it.”

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