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Boston Officers’ Personal Vehicles Being Sabotaged To Crash

Boston, MA – A security alert was issued this week to all Boston Police Officers from the Boston Police Department about officers’ vehicles being sabotaged.


According to The Boston Globe, the alert was issued in response to incidents involving four personal vehicles belonging to Boston Police Officers being tampered with.

Lieutenant Detective Michael McCarthy said that an off-duty officer drove to work recently, then realized that the lug nuts on the wheels of his vehicle had been loosened. The BPD Officer, who was not named,  said he was driving to work in Charlestown when he heard a loud, grinding noise and his tire almost came off. Three other vehicles were also reportedly tampered with as well

The alert was issued to create a heightened awareness.  William B. Evans, Boston Police Commissioner, said  on Friday, February 3, 2017, that each incident was being carefully examined to see if the Officers were targeted.  He said that the incidents occurred at the Officers’ home and were clearly intentional.

Additional details about the extent of the tampering on each vehicle were not released.  The names of the Boston Police Officers were also not released.  Commissioner Evans said that investigating these incidents would be tough because there is little evidence. Similar incidents occurred in July, 2016, when vehicles parked at the A-1 district headquarters in downtown Boston were targeted.  It is unknown if the incidents are connected.

In a report, the Boston Regional Intelligence Center said that the vandalism was “most likely sabotage.”  There are no suspects at this time.

Tampering with an officer’s personal vehicle doesn’t just endanger the life of the officer, but also their spouse and children who may be in the vehicle as well. Some scumbag is trying to harm these officers and their families, and we hope that some decent person will come forward with information about the identity of whatever sicko wants to endanger the lives of officers’ children.

BlueLivesMatter - October Wed, 2017


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