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Antifa Attack Vehicles, Damage Property Outside Oregon State Capitol

Salem, OR – A mob of antifa hurled rocks and paint-filled balloons at motorists near the Oregon State Capitol grounds on Sunday before they spread out into surrounding neighborhoods and started damaging property, according to police.

The mayhem erupted after a group of approximately 100 antifa dressed in “black clothing and ballistic vests and carrying firearms, bats, skateboards, umbrellas, shields and gas masks” showed up on the capitol mall grounds to protest the Freedom Rally event behind held in the same area, the Salem Police Department (SPD) said in a press release.

Some members of the black bloc mob, known as the “Fascist Free 503,” also carried leftwing Youth Liberation Front flags, according to police.

Members of the group stacked up a pile of shields – some of which read “Abolish PPB,” referring to the Portland Police Bureau, the Statesman Journal reported.

Others began preparing baking soda to use in the event contaminants were to get into rioters’ eyes, according to the paper.

The group gathered on Court Street in front of the state capitol building and soon began throwing rocks, paint-filled balloons, and other hard objects at passing vehicles, according to the press release.

By that time, their numbers had grown to somewhere between 150 and 200 people, KATU reported.

Cell phone videos showed the rioters out blocking the roadway as vehicles tried to pass by.

The windows of multiple vehicles were shattered during the attacks, according to the Statesman Journal.

One man whose patriotic-themed pickup was vandalized by the rioters got out of his vehicle and pulled a gun to back the crowd away, a video clip posted by journalist Andy Ngo showed.

The man immediately complied with an officer’s order to drop the weapon and to get onto the ground.

He was subsequently arrested, according to Ngo.

According to the Statesman Journal, the rioters had broken out one of the windows of the man’s truck.

The SPD also said a vehicle “sustained significant damage after a large tree limb was thrown through the front window into the vehicle’s passenger seat.”

Police responded to the area and ended up shutting Court Street down due to the “reports of criminal activity” taking place, according to the press release.

The Oregon State Police (OSP) and the SPD crowd management teams responded and declared an unlawful assembly, which police said deterred the caravan from the Freedom Rally from coming to the area where antifa had tried to take over.

Police ordered the Fascist Free 503 group over to the capitol mall.

“No force was used as the individuals complied with commands,” the SPD noted.

But when the OSP teams disengaged and headed back to the capitol, the antifa group started wreaking havoc in the streets surrounding the state grounds.

“Several altercations and property damage were reported including a reported incident of paintball guns being used, and a firearm displayed,” the SPD said.

Police ended up deploying less-lethal rounds as they took two of three suspects into custody.

Andrew Foy, 34, was arrested on charges of second-degree criminal trespass and second-degree disorderly conduct.

Anthony Villaneda, 18, was arrested on five counts of unlawful pointing of a laser.

Nathan McFarland, 33, was arrested for second-degree disorderly conduct.

All three suspects were booked into the Marion County Correctional Facility, according to the SPD.

The investigation into the incident remains ongoing.

Written by
Holly Matkin

Holly is a former probation and parole officer who is married to a sheriff’s deputy. She is a regular contributor to Signature Montana magazine, and has written feature articles for Distinctly Montana magazine.

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Written by Holly Matkin


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