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Anti-Gun Group Wants To Ban Muzzleloaders For Mass Casualty Potential

Muzzleloaders could be "the next bump stock," and should be regulated, an anti-gun group said.

Washington, DC – A gun control group showcased just how little firearms knowledge it really has on Wednesday, when it warned Americans about the catastrophic threat of muzzleloaders.

In a report titled, “Legal and Lethal: 9 Products That Could Be the Next Bump Stock,” former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’s anti-gun group unveiled a list of guns and products it deems have the potential to be converted into “military style weapons” in order to create “maximum carnage.”

“Cue the .50 caliber muzzleloader,” the report ominously introduced, “which delivers a particularly lethal .50 caliber round.”

“There’s actually a company that’s trying to jump through a loophole…and create a muzzle that can be shot with a silencer that shoots .50 caliber bullets. That can do a lot of damage,” New York City Council Member Jumaane Williams explained in a Thursday interview with Fox News.

Many of those with an actual understanding of muzzleloader mechanics found the report’s sweeping demonization of the weapons to be ludicrous, however.

In fact, it doesn’t seem that anyone can recall an instance when a muzzleloader was used to kill a single person within nearly a century, let alone a time when one was used in a mass shooting.

One reason these antique firearms have been less popular since the Civil War is because their operation is much more time-consuming than many modern weapons.

The shooter must load each round individually by placing gunpowder and a projectile into the barrel and packing it into place. A well-practiced shooter might be able to fire two rounds per minute.

The accuracy of these primitive weapons decreases rapidly without regular cleaning between shots. They also fire rounds at a much lower velocity than most modern weapons, making that .50 caliber round potentially less lethal than a common rifle ammunition.

And let’s not forget the danger of “silencers.”

“If you were the D.C. sniper, perhaps you want to shoot a gun that nobody can hear, so you can get away,” Williams said, seemingly believing that a suppressor gives the shooter a cloak of invisibility.

“But silencers or suppressors don’t make a gunshot inaudible,” Fox’s Tucker Carlson told Williams. “You can still hear it, really well.”

“I think they really do help,” Williams unconvincingly replied before he attempted to change the subject.

You can watch Tucker Carlson’s interview with Williams below:

HollyMatkin - November Sun, 2017


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