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Alton Sterling’s 18-Year-Old Son Arrested For Rape Of 8-Year-Old Boy

Cameron Sterling, the son of Alton Sterling who was fatally shot while resisting arrest, was arrested for rape.

Baton Rouge, LA – The 18-year-old son of Alton Sterling has been arrested for raping an eight-year-old boy whom he was babysitting on Saturday.

Baton Rouge police were called to a local hospital on Sunday to investigate after the boy’s mother reported her suspicions.

Cameron Sterling was accused of taking the little boy into a bedroom, locking the door, and then raping him while two other children were present in the residence at the time, The Advocate reported.

According to the warrant, the mother of the eight year old realized something was off when she arrived home and asked Cameron what had happened, but the babysitter denied that anything unusual had occurred.

In fact, the warrant said Cameron told his alleged victim’s mother that during the time he was babysitting, he had suffered some type of episode, The Advocate reported.

Cameron denied having touched the child when he was initially questioned by police, WBRZ reported.

He was arrested and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and charged with first-degree rape.

Bond has not yet been set, according to WAFB.

Cameron is the son of Alton Sterling, who was himself a sex offender after impregnating a child.

Alton was fatally shot by police while trying to murder police officers on July 5, 2016.

Alton was selling CDs in front of a convenience store when he threatened a passerby with a gun. That person contacted police and told them that Alton had a gun in his right front pocket.

He was engaged in a transaction with two women when police approached him in front of the convenience store.

Baton Rouge Police Officer Howie Lake interrupted and told Alton to put his hands on a vehicle, but he did not comply.

Officer Lake then tried to physically control Alton’s hands in an effort to put them on the vehicle, according to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

Alton was still resisting arrest when Baton Rouge Officer Blane Salamoni arrived to back up Officer Lake.

Landry said Alton spun around and pulled his right hand away from Officer Salamoni, so the officer pulled his weapon and threatened to shoot him if he did not comply.

The threat was “momentarily effective,” and officers attempted to place Alton in custody, but then he started resisting again.

Officer Salamoni stepped back and took up a defensive position with his gun trained on Alton, Landry said.

Officer Lake deployed his Taser, but it had little effect. Alton momentarily fell to his knees but remained noncompliant, and tried to get back up again a moment later.

Officer Salamoni told Officer Lake to tase the suspect again, and he did – but the second deployment of the Taser had no effect on Alton, Landry said.

At that point, Officer Salamoni holstered his weapon and tackled the suspect. They struggled on the ground with each officer trying to control one of Alton’s arms.

In the videos reviewed by investigators, Officer Salamoni can be heard saying “he’s got a gun” and then “he’s going for the gun.”

Officer Salamoni fired three shots into Alton’s chest and then rolled slightly away from him, “keeping his handgun trained on Mr. Sterling,” Landry said.

Alton sat up and rolled to his left, away from Officer Salamoni.

“His hands and his right side appeared to be concealed from the view of both officers,” Landry explained.

Alton tried to get up again and Officer Salamoni fired three additional shots into the suspect’s back.

Landry said that after the altercation, Officer Lake found a 38-caliber handgun in Alton’s right front pocket.

The state of Louisiana’s investigation came to the same conclusion that the U.S. Department of Justice had and ruled that “both officers acted in a reasonable and justifiable manner.”

The state concluded that the arrest had been lawful and the use of force had been justified, according to both state and federal use of force experts.

Officer Salamoni was fired and Officer Lake was briefly suspended after their agency said that they vioalted policy.

Terrible riots took place in Baton Rouge after Alton Sterling’s shooting, and then again when the U.S. Department of Justice announced the findings of its investigation, and again on the one year anniversary of his death.

Sandy Malone - December Thu, 2018


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