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ALERT: False Story About Cop Raping Woman Goes Viral, Death Threats To Cops

Shaun King posted that Sherita Dixon Cole was falsely arrested for DUI and raped, and none of it's true.

Ellis County, TX – Activist Shaun King has posted a story on social media on Sunday which definitively states that a Texas DPS trooper raped a woman after falsely arresting her for DUI, then booked her on those false charges.

He didn’t even claim that these were allegations, he told everybody that this actually just happened in the past few hours.

The response was immediate as the story went instantly viral.

Hundreds of people have made threats toward law enforcement and been attempting to dox the Trooper, and have been threatening and harassing the family of a different trooper with the same last name.

Now Texas DPS has responded to the allegations to let people know that video of the stop has been reviewed, and none of what King posted is true.

Please help share this on social media to counter the false story being spread. This is a safety risk to officers because people actually believe King’s story.

King posted the following message at 12:56 p.m. The officer’s name has been removed from this copy because he has been through enough:

*This woman was kidnapped and raped by a Texas State Trooper— OFFICER ******, she is now being held hostage in Ellis County Jail!*

Sherita Dixon Cole just happens to be a close personal friend of Civil Rights Attorney and my close friend Lee Merritt. These are the facts he was able to get together after speaking with Sherita’s family:

*On May 20th, 2018 at approximately 1:30AM Sherita Dixon Cole was pulled over in Waxahachie, TX by a Texas State Trooper— Officer ******, near a abandoned car dealership (I287 South & I35 South).*

*She was told she was being stopped because ******* expected she was driving while intoxicated. Cole voluntarily performed and passed all dui/dwi protocol including a breathalyzer.*

*However, ******* decided he “didn’t like [her] attitude” and that he was going to take her to jail anyway.*

He handcuffed her hands behind her back and placed Cole in the front passenger seat of his patrol vehicle.

******** then took a seat beside Cole and placed his hand on her thigh. He asked her if she wanted to go home as he hiked up her skirt. He told her that she could earn her way home, if she really wanted to go.*

Cole had called her boyfriend to the scene of the stop when she was first pulled over. He arrived just as the officer began to accost her.

******** asked Cole who was in the car. When she explained it was her fiancé he asked her was he armed.*

*When she said he was not, ******* retorted “If you tell him what happened he will be armed and his fire arm will be visible when I have to shoot him.” ******* went out to speak with Cole’s boyfriend and allowed him to speak with her briefly in his presence.*

She told him that she passed the DUI/DWI protocol but the officer said he was taking her in anyway “because of [her] attitude.”

******** immediately ended the conversation and told Cole he was taking her to the Ellis County Jail. Her fiancé told ******* that he would follow them to the jail but ******* warned him that he could not follow him and would be arrested if he tried.*

Cole’s fiancé drove a short distance up the road and waited for the officer to head toward the jail.

*Instead, ******* reentered the patrol car after placing Cole back into front passenger seat with her hands cuffed behind her back.*

He drove the car behind the vacant dealership and told Cole “why don’t you just give me some of that sweet pussy you have been given your fiancé and then you can go home.”

*Cole begged ******* to just take her to jail. He placed his hands back up her skirt and penetrated her vagina, warning her “not to be stupid!”*

He explained, she could “go home tonight” if she just gave him what he wanted.

*When *******’s patrol car didn’t come up the road, Cole’s fiancé looped around the highway and made its way behind the dealership. When ******* saw the car approaching he drove off while Cole’s fiancé followed at a distance.*

******* maneuvered his vehicle down back streets and was successfully able to lose the vehicle tailing him. He told Cole that he knew a place where they could go and where he could get what he wanted so she did not have to go to jail. He continued to pull at her clothes and place his hand down her shirt and up her skirt.*

*Cole continued to beg to just be taken to jail as her boyfriend searched for her. Finally, ******* relented and drove back to the highway and to Ellis County jail where she was booked for DUI/DWI.*

Cole currently remains in police custody but has been allowed to speak with her family and fiancé. We are actively working to get her released and to get the full identify of this officer in order to get him off the streets.

This woman is a mother and a corporate professional. She didn’t just make this up. A horrible crime was committed against her and it needs to be deal with immediately.

Sherita we are getting you out and getting you justice!

With absolutely no evidence besides a secondhand story of Cole’s alleged account that somehow made it to King while Cole was still being booked, he posted these wild allegations to Facebook.

The post instantly generated a ton of people flooding the jail with phone calls so that they don’t “Sandra Bland” Cole.

Sandra Bland killed herself while in a jail in 2015, and anti-police conspiracy theorists say that she was actually murdered by police who staged a suicide and that she was actually dead when they took her mugshot using her body.

The comments came with numerous threats and harassment targeting an officer with the same last name who was misidentified as the arresting officer.

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show website even ran with the story, posting it as fact with the headline: “Cop Falsely Arrests Woman For DUI After Sexually Assaulting Her”

Now Texas Department of Public Safety has responded to the allegations saying the following:

DPS responds to allegations by DWI suspect in Ellis County

Upon learning of the allegations today, the department immediately took action to review the dash cam video. The video shows absolutely no evidence to support the serious accusations against the Trooper during the DWI arrest of the suspect.

DPS will present the video to the DA’s Office to determine if any further action is needed.

The department will release the video to the public if there are no objections by the DA’s Office.

We have talked to our law enforcement sources in the area who said that they are aware of death threats to officers.

We will keep you updated when the video of the stop is released.

Please help share this on social media to counter the false story being spread.

OfficerBlue - May Mon, 2018


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