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After Threats To Officers’ Kids, Dash Camera Video Released Showing Police Didn’t Beat Untril

Brian Hummons Continues To Wish Harm On Children After Dash Camera Shows Police Acted Professionally


Davenport, IA – Dash camera footage has been released (below) which shows the arrest of Untril Overstreet. Overstreet assaulted an officers and resisted arrest in an incident where he sustained serious injuries, prompting his father, Brian Hummons, to threaten officer’s children.

We covered the initial story after Untril Overstreet’s arrest and threats from Brian Hummons. On Friday morning, February 17, Untril Overstreet and his girlfriend Elisha Dunlap, were in a vehicle that was stopped by Davenport Police Officers.  Police said that Overstreet, age 40, was asked to get out of the vehicle and that he was ‘aggressive’ with them.  Overstreet then assaulted an officer and fled on foot.

Officers tased Overstreet as he ran away. After the arrest, Overstreet was transferred to Iowa City Hospital with injuries to his hands, face, and stomach. Also according to Overstreet, in his own words, “I just ran, I hit that dude’s hand and I ran, they tased me and that’s all I remember, I wasn’t violent after then.”

The serious injuries prompted Overstreet’s father, Brian Hummons, to threaten the children of police officers on social media. You can see his original post HERE.

Now the dash camera has been released on the incident, which shows that officers tased Until Overstreet as he ran, and the impact of hitting the ground apparently caused Overstreet’s injuries. Officers can clearly be seen on the video wrestling with Overstreet for control of this hands, while Overstreet continued to resist.

At no point did any beating of Overstreet occur. As soon as Overstreet was taken into custody, officers called for medical aid to treat Overstreet’s injuries.

Officers located seven grams of crack cocaine on Overstreet, which is a significant amount.

Untril Overstreet has since been released from the hospital and was charged with a controlled substance violation, drug tax stamp violation, assault on persons in certain occupations and interference with official acts.

Brian Hummons has since responded by saying:

I Wholeheartedly Appreciate Your Prayers And Positive Comments Of Love.
I Want All To Know That In The Heat Of The Moment Of Seeing My Boy In This Condition Caused Me To Get Out Of My Body, And Express Wishful Thinking Of Harm Towards The Children Of These Thugs In Blue.
I Wish No Harm In Reality To Any Innocent Children Because It Is Not Their Fault They Have Racist Scumbags For Parents.
However, I Stand On My Feelings Toward Those Who Continue To Use Their Occupation To Act Out White Supremacist Tendency’s.
My Statement Of….
“What Goes Around Comes Around” Was Not A Direct Threat From Me, But From Karma.
And, Karma Eventually Catches Up With Everybody Sooner Or Later Whether It Be One Of These Racist Assholes Getting Killed Making A Traffic Stop….
( Most Likely By One Of Their Own) Or A Horrible Accident Befalling Someone Dear To Them. (They’ve Truly Earned It.)…

Hummons went on to accuse Blue Lives Matter of putting him in imminent danger among other ranting about racist police. After the dashcam video was posted to Brian Hummons’s page by Blue Lives Matter supporters, Hummons continues to wish harm towards children. You can see those comments HERE.

You can see the dash camera video of the stop below. The confrontation starts at around the 2:40 mark:

BlueLivesMatter - October Wed, 2017


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