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After Governor Restores Felons’ Rights, Felon Running For Office Wants To Legalize Child Pornography

Nathan Larson is running for Virginia's House of Delegates after his voting rights were restored, and believes that child pornography should be legalized.

Virginia – Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe restored voting rights to thousands of felons in an order that took effect in January, 2017.

The order not only restored voting rights for felons but allowed them to run for office.

One such felon, Nathan Larson, is running for Virginia’s 31st House of Delegates, as a Libertarian.

Larson announced his candidacy in February, according to the Fauquier Times. According to Virginia code, candidates only have to be registered voters to run for office.

In 2009, Larson pleaded guilty to threatening to kill the President of the United States.

The charge resulted from an investigation into emails that he sent to the Secret Service in December, 2008, where he wrote, “I am writing to inform you that in the near future, I will kill the president of the United States of America.”

Members of the Secret Service flew to Colorado to interview Larson, who was living in Boulder at the time.

He told the agents that he stood by what he had written, and “that he was serious about carrying out his threat.”

Larson did not attempt to carry out the threat but was arrested and convicted in 2009. He served 16 months in federal prison, and remained on probation for three years, according to the Daily Wire.

After he was released from prison, Larson moved to Catlett, Virginia, to live with his parents.

When he announced his candidacy, he pledged to run on an anti-feminist platform, which caused such public outrage that Virginia’s Libertarian party distanced itself from him.

He said that young women should be discouraged from wanting to go to college, and that they should be encouraged “to marry a good provider and have children.”

Larson said that he would do away with Child Protective Services.

He was denied custody of his daughter during a Colorado trial, and the jury’s decision was reported to be partially based on his views of child pornography.

In an email to his former wife, who committed suicide, Larson admitted that he had some sexual attraction to both children and adults.

In the email, Larson said that the possession and distribution of child pornography should be “legalized.”

GinnyReed - October Sat, 2017


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