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Activists Dump Pig Heads At Omaha Police Union, Hold ‘Pig Roast’ Event At Nearby Park

Omaha, NE – Protesters left severed pig heads wearing police hats outside the Omaha Police Officers Association (OPOA) building after holding a “pig roast” event at a nearby park on Saturday evening.

“Everything was beautiful,” ProBLAC Omaha leader and event organizer Alexander “Bear” Matthews told the Beatrice Daily Sun. “We were grilling out, and it was just a typical cookout.”

“We wanted to finish up by dropping off the pig heads and the flyers at the union doors,” Matthews added.

The gathering at Montclair Park was organized in protest of a flyer Omaha Police Sergeant Anthony Conner, president of the OPOA, had distributed labeling former Omaha City Council candidate Cammy Watkins as being anti-police, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

“Cammy Watkins gives defunding the police a thumbs up,” the flyer read. “Risking our families’ safety. Increasing violent crime and gun violence. Jeopardizing Omaha’s future…No Police. No Protection. No Peace. In Cammy Watkins’ Omaha, no one is safe.”

Watkins, an Independent, ended up losing the election to Democrat Dan Begley, the Beatrice Daily Sun reported.

The gathering at the park, which was formally organized by the Revolutionary Action Party, kicked off at 7 p.m. on May 22 with the “pig roast” and various speakers, according to the paper.

The group blasted Sgt. Conner for distributing the anti-Watkins flyers and complained that the Nebraska Democratic Party hadn’t done enough to push back against the information the flyers contained.

The event wrapped up shortly before 9 p.m., at which point a mob of approximately 50 protesters marched over to the OPOA building at West Center Road and 134th Street, the Beatrice Daily Sun reported.

Some carried severed pig heads they’d obtained from a packinghouse employee, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

The group said they intended to leave the heads and copies of the flyer outside the union building, according to the paper.

Omaha police put out four announcements in a 10-minute period, warning the protesters that they were trespassing on private property and needed to disperse, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

The gathering was declared an unlawful assembly at 9:10 p.m., according to the Beatrice Daily Sun.

“Officers then moved in to arrest instigators and the crowd fled westbound towards the park” or stood in the street, refusing to move, an Omaha Police Department (OPD) spokesperson told the paper.

Police arrested seven suspects, including Matthews, by the time the situation was over.

They have been charged with a variety of offenses, including failure to disperse, trespassing, obstructing, disorderly conduct, unlawful assembly, and littering, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

Sgt. Conner later posted photos of the severed pigs’ heads left outside the union building to Facebook.

Some of the heads were wearing police costume caps.

“What part of this is ok?” Sgt. Conner wrote.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert slammed the protest and denounced the group’s tactics on Monday, noting that citizens “are fed up with hateful and divisive acts,” the Omaha World-Herald reported.

“The disgusting incident at the Omaha Police Officers Association headquarters Saturday night was intended to provoke conflict,” Stothert said in a written statement. “The responding officers acted professionally and responsibly after repeated attempts to peacefully clear private property.”

Prior to the mayor’s statement, the Revolutionary Action Party took to Facebook to accuse the OPD of turning “an entirely peaceful demonstration…into a violent man hunt.”

The group said they held their “Pig Roast” event “only feet away from the Omaha Pig Union” in an effort “to expose and shine a light on Anthony Connor and his Klan of pigs for [their] Fascist, racist, sexist, and patriarchal propaganda.”

“We organized this demonstration to educate the community while combating these oppressive entities. We organized this to hold these uncivilized, racists and misogynistic thugs accountable,” the group claimed. “But once again, and to no one’s surprise, OPD showed their true white supremacist colors during our final peaceful demonstration of the night.”

The group said the marchers were trying to return the “racist, sexist, inflammatory mailers” against Watkins to the “pig union,” but that “5 pig cars” blocked them from reaching their final destination.

“They then told us to leave the property, when we decided to stand our ground and stand behind our constitutional rights to peacefully assemble and protest,” the Revolutionary Action Party wrote. “They threatened to use force on us, as well as chemical weapons despite the demonstration and the pig union being in the midst of a residential area with children and families outside watching the whole instance.”

The group said they “chose to stand our ground, as our Omaha tax dollars pay for the pigs salaries.”

A short while later, “over 20 pig cars and 30 pigs” were on the scene, according to the protest group.

The anti-police demonstrators claimed officers “invoke[d] intimidation tactics” and started singling out black people to arrest and “torment.”

They further accused police of engaging “in a twisted game of hunting Black and Brown bodies through a residential area,” and alleged “the pigs continued spewing fascistic, hateful, and racist comments towards” them throughout the entire booking process.

The group said those arrested were “charged with ridiculous and quite frankly baseless misdemeanors.”

The Revolution Action Party demanded apologies from county and state Democrat groups and ordered them to “renounce and refuse any endorsements or financial support from the OPOA,” according to the post.

They also demanded an apology from Begley and ordered him to create “adequate policy to implement that would combat these racist southern strategies to flourish in our community.”

The group further demanded a resignation from Sgt. Conner.

“The Omaha Police Department is not here to protect us. They are not here to serve us. And they for damn sure, aren’t here to respect our rights,” the group declared.

Despite the Revolution Action Party’s claims that police targeted protesters of color and let white protesters go, Douglas County Jail records showed that two of the suspects arrested on the night of the demonstration were white, according to the Beatrice Daily Sun.

Stothert said she backs the OPD and that she is “confident” that local citizens will do the same, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

Written by
Holly Matkin

Holly is a former probation and parole officer who is married to a sheriff’s deputy. She is a regular contributor to Signature Montana magazine, and has written feature articles for Distinctly Montana magazine.

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Written by Holly Matkin


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