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Activist Who Called For ‘War’ With Police Is Running For Chicago Mayor

A vocal Black Lives Matter activist who called for "war" against police has announced his candidacy for Chicago mayor.

Chicago, IL – Black Lives Matter “activist” Ja’Mal Green’s Wednesday announcement that he had entered the race to become Chicago’s next mayor was immediately met with backlash from the law enforcement officers Green has referred to as “pigs.”

The Facebook page Chicago Code Blue highlighted 22-year-old Green’s history of anti-police behaviors and statements in a series of Facebook posts on Thursday.

“Pigs kill black men and then black people march,” Green said in one Facebook post, according to Chicago Code Blue. “The pigs still collect their checks and live to kill again. We gotta disrupt this system!”

Green also suggested that killing police officers might help black people to “ask for equality.”

“As long as they kill us, they will keep doing it until we start killing them,” he wrote, according to Chicago Code Blue. “It needs to be a LIFE for a LIFE! Then we will be at the negotiation table and ask for equality or we gone tear this country up!”

In another post, Green addressed Kim Jong-Un, and told him that “black folks” were on the “same team” as the North Korean dictator who has threatened to destroy America. He then pleaded with the dictator to spare black America when he nukes the U.S.

“Kim Jong-Un, please don’t fire any missiles towards black neighborhoods,” Green wrote on Aug. 14, 2017. “We have nothing, and we don’t represent America. We were unfortunately born here, but have NOTHING to do with the government who treats us like we’re animals. Please consider this open letter, we’re on the same team and don’t like America either! Thanks. Sincerely, Black folks.”

Chicago Code Blue also posted two videos of Green, one of which showed the mayoral candidate verbally attacking Chicago police officers prior to then-presidential nominee Donald Trump’s appearance at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion.

“You a motha f**king coward,” Green said, as he stood inches away from a Chicago Police Department (CPD) officer’s face. “That’s what the f**k you are.”

Clad in a sweatshirt that bore the words, “Major Green,” the vulgar “activist” turned to the crowd behind him.

“These are the Chicago police that we pay for,” he spouted. “Cowards! These are the f**king people that we pay for. F**k all y’all!”

Green continued to pace back and forth in front of the line of silent CPD officers.

“You guys make me f**king sick!” he yelled.

“It’s going to be a war,” Green said. “This is what the f**k we should do, because we all have the right to carry guns…So if we all bring out our guns, it’s a f**king war.”

A second video showed Green as he followed, harassed, and threatened a man who had been showing his support for Chicago police outside their station headquarters.

According to WFLD, the second video was posted by Gary Snow, and showed him being escorted to his vehicle for his own safety, while Green and an unidentified man walked behind the officers and Snow.

“You need a police escort when you show support for the CPD in Chicago, because peaceful protesters like to use violence,” Snow said in the video.

“Aw no, I don’t intimidate,” Green said. “I told you we was gonna f**king find you. You better hope they follow you home, or I’m splittin’ your s**t.”

“Just know that,” Green added, repeatedly. “I’m not a peaceful protester. That’s where you got it f**ked up at.”

“I ain’t peaceful s**t,” he went on to say. “I’m all about the not peace. I’m the Malcom X, the n****r that’ll bust your s**t.”

“I will f**kin find you, Gary,” Green threatened Snow repeatedly. “And when I find you, I’m splittin’ your s**t, p***y!”

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Green was arrested in 2016 during an anti-police rally for threatening a Chicago PD commander and striking him in the shoulder, which was captured on camera by a Chicago Tribune photographer. He then resisted arrest.

At the time, Mayor Emanuel wrote a letter in support of Green which helped get him released from jail.

Green pleaded guilty to a charge of resisting arrest, but a charge related to his assault of the police officer was dismissed.

Green issued a hollow apology following Code Blue Chicago’s re-release of his anti-police videos.

“I may have not used some best language when it comes to police officers and I want to fully apologize for that, but since then I’ve had an extensive relationship with the police department,” Green said told WFLD.

“We would like to hear from any CPD officers [which Green refers to as “pigs”] who have a positive and so-called “extensive relationship” with # JamalGreen,” Code Blue Chicago posted on Friday.

Watch videos of Green’s anti-police outbursts below:

HollyMatkin - April Fri, 2018


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