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19 Year Old Killed By Pack Of Dogs Outside Of Residence

Adrieanna O'Shea was mauled by a pack of five dogs, and succumbed to her injuries on Aug. 30.

Knoxville, TN – A 19-year-old Tennessee woman has died after being mauled by a pack of dogs in Knox County.

The fatal attack occurred outside a residence on Crescent Drive at approximately 2 p.m. on Aug. 23, after Adrieanna O’Shea stopped by a home to retrieve a purse that she had forgotten while visiting the night before, a neighbor told WBIR.

The neighbor said she was inside her own residence when she heard O’Shea say, “No Boscoe!”

A moment later, the young woman began screaming for help.

The neighbor ran outside and saw O’Shea being attacked by a pack of five dogs.

“[She] continued to scream and cry for help as the dogs were mauling her and dragging her towards the wooded area,” the witness said, according to WBIR.

The animals flung O’Shea into the air, but she finally managed to leap over a small fence to escape.

She suffered bite wounds all over her body, causing her to lose massive amounts of blood.

Knox County deputies responded to the scene to find emergency medical personnel rushing O’Shea to an ambulance on a gurney, WBIR reported.

The unresponsive victim’s clothes had been torn off during the attack, and her hair was matted with blood and mud, investigators said.

Deputies ultimately shot one of the dogs – a black lab/mastiff mix – after it attempted to attack them.

The other four dogs were transported to Young-Williams Animal Center, where they were later euthanized.

The dogs’ owner arrived at the scene shortly after O’Shea was mauled, and told deputies that the animals had been contained in the yard using an invisible fence, WBIR reported.

The owner said that the dogs were “just doing their job” protecting the residence, and that at least one of them had been trained to attack when it saw a firearm pointed in its direction, according to the news outlet.

The owner confirmed that the animals have all been euthanized.

“I would not own any kind of animal that would do something like this,” the owner told WBIR. “We are all traumatized with this freak accident and are praying for Adrieanna and her family.”

O’Shea died of her injuries on Aug. 30, according to her obituary.

It is unclear whether or not the dogs’ owner will face criminal charges in connection with O’Shea’s death.

Her funeral will take place on Friday.

Holly Matkin - September Thu, 2019


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